Amityville Horror - the real story

The most famous haunting of all time

Or is it the most famous HOAX?

Many thanks goes out to LD for her gracious help and assistance with the following:

The Amityville Horror story remains to this day the ultimate ghost story. With tales of demonic pigs, possessions, hauntings and ghosts it remains a favorite story to be told by the flickering light of a campfire, or in the dark depths of night at sleepovers.

Here at Castle of Spirits the story is often submitted through to us by well-meaning people who unfortunately have been mislead to believe the story is actual fact.

There is a lot of reliable evidence that the case was a hoax – including books, television documentaries and other media easily accessible to this day. I say “reliable” evidence because there are a few unscrupulous people out there who still claim to own footage from the house showing demons and evidence of evil and paranormal activity. Such people also claim to have current reports of ghostly goings-on inside the house. Of course there is no reason to accept that this evidence is genuine and reliable. Proof of the supposed "evil" in the house has never been presented and only ever exposed as hoaxed or ridiculous. We tend to question the credibility of the people who claim to own this type of evidence.

For some odd reason this particular case seems to stir up people’s emotions, ranging from mild to extreme. Some feel frauded after being led to believe the case was real all their lives and then hearing that it isn’t. Some people are probably relieved to hear that this scary story is only a fiction. Then, some people live for the idea that the case is real, and have based livelihoods and beliefs on the idea that this particular haunting is genuine. Unfortunately sometimes these people will not believe otherwise, and we can’t expect to change their minds with mere logic. We do, however, submit to our readers that there is a lot of mystery in the world to allow us to preserve our sense of wonder. The fact that this alleged mystery is patently untrue should not be any reason to get upset, it simply allows us to direct our energies elsewhere.

The case has indeed been debunked by many experts considered to be foremost in the fields of parapsychological and paranormal investigation. To this day, there is not one genuine paranormal researcher, who takes his or her research seriously, is willing to work with genuine evidence and believes in telling that truth, who will support the case as being real. This is an undeniable FACT.

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Article written by LD & Rowena Gilbert - this article does not express our personal views but undeniable proven facts.

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