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The bible quote regarding the rocks that Mary Brown told them - what was it?

It was mentioned upon finding the rocks and it was also in Heathers Journal, it must of been something pretty important then huh?
Well, apparently no one connected with the movie actually knows what it is (that's helpful huh?).

I've found out that it may be one of these:

Genesis 31:45-52: "And Jacob took a stone, and set it up for a pillar. And Jacob said unto his brethren, Gather stones; and they took stones, and made a heap....And Laban said to Jacob, Behold this heap, and behold this pillar, which I have cast betwixt me and thee; This heap be witness, and this pillar be witness, that I will not pass over this heap to thee, and that thou shalf not pass over this heap and this pillar unto me, for harm."

Ecclesiastes 10:9: "Who so removeth stones shall be hurt therewith; and he that cleaveth wood shall be endangered thereby."


Nahum 1:6
Who can withstand his indignation? Who can endure his fierce anger? His wrath is poured out like fire; the rocks are shattered before him.

1 Kings 19:11

The LORD said, "Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the LORD, for the LORD is about to pass by. " Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind. After the wind there was an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake.

The cemetery and the rock piles:

rock pile

It was never made clear if that was indeed the cemetery that they were looking for - although they do refer to it as "the cemetery" within the film and in Heathers Journal, It's unclear if they mistake the grove of rock piles for the cemetery that they were looking for and are completely on the wrong track and lost without knowing it at that point in the film.

The rock piles hold some significance (you might say represent the dead) for the seven dead children (there were seven piles of rocks in the cemetery) that the serial killer Rustin Parr took down to his basement in his house on the hill and killed. Claiming he did it under the Blair Witch's control.

Josh kicked over one of the rocks in the piles at the cemetery, although Heather put it back and placed a kiss upon it that didn't make any difference to the Blair Witch, she don't like people messin' with her rocks!

You notice how three rock piles appear outside their tent overnight?. They were representing the three of them marked for the killing.

Ahhh I hear you say..................Now it's beginning to make a bit of sense!

The stick figures in the forest - what do they mean?

Stick figures

The producers of the film say that the stick-man is based on and taken from an ancient Rune, it basically means a warning - they say that with the large amount of stick figures hanging in the forest which mean "warning", Josh, Heather and Mike just don't get it - it's a BLOODY BIG WARNING!!! right there in front of them.

It is also said that the figures hanging in the trees in the forest represent spirits of the dead being able to travel between earth and the spirit world.
The trees, with their roots in the earth and branches up in the air, serve as bridges between the earth and spirit world. When the stick men are hung in a tree they provide a way for the spirit to travel between worlds. Although it is not shown, Heather cut down one of these figures to have a closer look. You hear Josh later on tormenting her with the camera yelling "you cut down one of the Blair Witch's Trinkets and now she's after you". Well it's not just that the Blair Witch is after Heather for cutting it down and giving the witch the sh**s, but when she cut the figure down it supposedly traps the spirit in one of the worlds. Heather therefore trapped the spirit on earth, and the spirit didn't seem terribly impressed by that fact!.

So far they've done numerous amounts of things to really piss off both the Blair Witch and the spirit world. BOY ARE THEY IN FOR IT!

What was the slimy oily stuff all over Josh's gear - why Josh?

Remember - Josh kicked over one of the stones in the so called "cemetery"?...Blair Witch is gonna get him for that one, so she slimed him with her slime, making him ONE MARKED MAN!

icky!!If you follow the Blair Witch Legend (you have to see the t.v show on the Mythology), you hear the story of a little girl who was pulled into the creek by a ghostly hand that seemed to grab her and pull her under the river gravel right in front of witnesses in the 1800's. It was reported that afterwards the creek was polluted with an oily substance and full of floating stick figures for weeks.

So the witch obviously just goes out sliming every now and then.

It's not really too clear what it's actually supposed to be, could be ectoplasm?

What was Heather screaming at after running out of the tent?

Whilst in the tent they hear children's voices (and other strange noises). Then the tent starts violently shaking and moving, they run from the tent and Heather faces left screaming "what was that, what the ..... wassee spot run.... that!!!".

There were actually other camera men standing in the dark dressed in white thermal underwear (I don't know how Heather managed to scream and not fall over laughing at that one) - the guys were pacing them and supposed to show up on the cameras as ghostly white images, which were going to be examined more closely at the end of the film - or in one of the documentaries. For whatever reason (probably because they didn't look like ghostly images but guys running around in their underwear) they didn't use this "white ghostly figure" footage.

The Josh Mystery

It is never made clear about where Josh went or how he went, the question still remains: Did he walk out of the tent by himself and never come back?, Did he run of and find his way out of the forest and go live in Bolivia? Was he abducted mysteriously from the tent overnight?, Did he go out early in the morning for a little early morning constitution and get abducted then or be misled by a spell from the witch and gotten lost out on his own?.

It seems that maybe Josh was abducted or misled by the Witch at some point during the night or early morning (you'll just have to imagine whichever version of his disappearance that you prefer), we come to the conclusion that he didn't run off to Bolivia because Heather finds his teeth (and some other weird stuff) in a stick bundle outside the door tied up with bloody shirt bits of Josh's).

What's this huh?There is much discussion as to what was in the package. We know that it was teeth, but the other thing could of possibly been his tongue, it's never made too clear. But that is not proof that he is dead yet.

Heather doesn't show Mike the bundle, this is probably to protect him against the knowledge that something "really bad" has happened to Josh and things are going from bad to worse. Mike is under the belief that Josh has simply run for help and Heather obviously wanted him to keep thinking that.

Later on in the night you hear Josh screaming and moaning and calling out "somebody help me". That could be a trick or it could be Josh, one has to wonder how his voice sounds so lovely and clear when he's got no teeth. Whatever it is - it's DEFINITELY a lure for Mike and Heather.

How about the house at the very end huh?

Well the one big problem with the house is that once you see the Documentary you notice how in the 1940's when Rustin Parr was arrested for the murder of the seven children, the townsfolk burned down the house down. And the Anthropology dig that found their film and tapes were investigating a burnt down house also. why do Mike and Heather go to a house that is not burnt down, was it perhaps a differenthouse house?.

It is actually the house of Rustin Parr. And it just adds the the entire mystery as to why the house is still standing and not burnt down at that particular point in time. It is a truly haunted house.

The Symbols and hand prints in the house:

hands everywhere

The symbols of hands are in blood - and you will notice that they are low down on the walls and small - which gives forth the belief that they are children's hands. In the start of the documentary when Heather is standing in the cemetery she talks of how children have disappeared and how the graveyard is unusually full of children's graves. The hand prints on the walls represent all the dead children that the Blair Witch has taken and killed as revenge for being cast out of the community into the woods in 1785 along with the children who were murdered in the 1940's and any other children who went missing suddenly in the woods.

The weird symbols that look like Sony Playstation symbols on the walls?

The symbols are supposedly pagan symbols, they don't mean anything except "Do not underestimate the power of playstation". They clue you in on how the house and the goings on all pertain to the symbols carved in the dead search party on coffin rock and the children who were killed in the basement and how they are all somehow related to each other (meaning they were all done by the Blair Witch).


This part was a little confusing to me also - I find that everyone who's seen the film doesn't get something about the ending.

Let me explain.

First thing to remember is:

Mike is carrying the Hi8 camera (colour and sound)
Heather is carrying the 16mm film (Black and White film & no sound)

in the house... It gets confusing because you can see what's on Heather's camera but her voice sounds far away. The reason being that the 16mm film camera (which Heather is carrying) doesn't record sound. Hence they had a DAT recorder with them to record sound. The Hi8 camera DOES record sound. You can Hear Heather running around the house from Mikes camera down in the basement. Thats why she sounds so far away when you see her camera shots. The Hi8 camera is dropped by Mike down in the basement. At the very very end you hear Heather get closer and closer to it as she is running down to the basement.

Wasn't Mike Knocked out when he went down to the basement - is he hanging or standing in the corner?

Mike was clonked by something in the basement, that's for sure, however it was just hard enough to quieten him, get him under control and make him drop the camera, not to kill him. He simply stands there (and doesn't run or help Heather) because whatever clonked him has either scared him senseless or taken him under their control. If you go back to the legends surrounding the Blair Witch (the interviews earlier on in the film) you are told of how Parr made one person stand in the corner (facing the corner) whilst he killed the other as they were taken down to the basement two at a time. He apparently couldn't stand their eyes looking at him.

mikey in the corner

As you can see by the picture poor ol Mikey is either relieving himself (getting chased around in the dark can be really stressful on the bladder!) or waiting to be killed, at this stage he's lost control of himself and you would say that he's no longer with us. He's NOT hanging (as many suggest) - he is standing in the corner. Whilst Heather is screaming her guts out and is coming down to the basement to be killed. It is unclear whether she is being chased by something or just hysterical and screaming because she knows she's about to be dead!.

Who did the killing?

That's totally left up to your imagination. It could of been Josh - you notice that when they trace his screams they are led to the house. Josh screams out "Mike" and "Heather" from the basement, luring them down there for only 1 reason. Mike chases after him and that's when he gets clonked upon reaching the basement. You never see Josh in the basement - but it's not as if we are given a good look around there. So it could of been Josh under some sort of murderous spell? It also could of been the ghost of Rustin Parr. Or it could of been the Blair Witch herself. Or the basement might of had a curse (or spell) upon it.

Why didn't the search party that went out looking for them disappear?

In the history of the Curse of Blair Witch you find out that a search party went missing looking for a little girl in 1825 and were found disemboweled on coffin rock with pagan symbols on their faces and feet. They were alive when cut due to the fact that the ropes around them were cut deep into their skin, showing signs of a struggle. So then why weren't any of the search party members who were looking for Heather, Josh and Mike taken by the witch?

It seems that once the Blair Witch has had her fair share of adult sacrifices she doesn't seem to want more. The second search party that found the first on coffin rock never went missing. They successfully found their way out of the forest and back again to the rock with the Sheriff. All made it out of the woods. It seems she only has an uncontrollable thirst for children.

Then how come the Anthropology team didn't go missing either, they must of camped out in the woods to investigate the remains of the house?.

Once again - it's stated in the documentary that the Blair Witch only does something murderous every 50 or so years. You would be perfectly safe to enter the woods and go camping during the period between.

Go on.....................I dare you!!!

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