Castle of Spirits: Tome of Lost Tales FAQ

1. How can I order the book?

You can order the book by clicking on the following link. You will be redirected to, the publishers. Click here to order!

2. Can I buy the book in stores?

No, unfortunately that would incur printing and publicity costs that I just can't manage so this is an online-only offering.

3. What the... ? The shipping estimate is teling me I won't get my book for several weeks!

Although I cannot guarantee the following statement, it has been my experience that CreateSpace prints and ships the books in a very timely manner - so far, it has taken less than a week (with express shipping) to receive any books I have ordered from them. But please plan out accordingly in case there is some sort of delay and their shipping estimates are accurate.

4. What's in the book?

The book contains 62 ghost stories submitted to the site that were sitting in an unattended email box after the passing of COS' founder, Rowena. These are not reprints of existing stories on the site, however - even though some of them are older than others, they have not been previously used or posted.

5. Why publish a book of ghost stories?

Before her passing, Rowena had plans to publish some of the best ghost stories submitted into book form. This is done both as an homage to her and to also try to generate some funds to keep Castle of Spirits running.

6. Do you have permission from the original submitters to publish their stories?

Yes, I do. Any time someone submits a story to Castle of Spirits, they must agree to the terms listed on the submission page. The paragraph in particular that pertains to media publications is as follows:

"By submitting any story to Castle of you are in agreement that Castle of Spirits may or may not publish your story or use it to promote or provide to the media as we see fit. This includes featured articles in newspapers, magazines news stories and other media representations in print." - Castle of Spirits Story Submission Page

7. I'm living outside the United States, can I still buy the book?

Yes! CreateSpace, the publishers of the book, will ship the book internationally. Before you buy however, I recommend you check the latest exchange rates between the US dollar and your own currency as prices are in US dollars.

8. Is this book available for the Amazon Kindle or the Kindle iPhone app?

Yes! COS: Tome of Lost Tales is now available for the Kindle and Kindle iPhone App! Click here to order!