It was a cold and rainy was!! I had been at the Gettysburg Ghost Conference, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I had just had quite the interesting experience at the Old Homestead. As I was still wanting to SEE some ghosts, and get photographs of them, we ran off to the Old National Cemetery (just a block down the street) to use the rest of our film before the gates closed for the night. I was with two ladies, and one gentleman. It was their first cemetery ghost hunt. It would turn out to be a good one... As we entered the cemetery, huge pine trees hung over the road, seeming to box us in as we walked down the was raining very lightly, and a cool chill ran through me. It was dark, but lovely, the stone sculptures and markers dating to the Civil War. One of the women was a bit frightened, but I reassured her that most ghosts show up on film..not up out of the ground! She laughed, and the gentleman ran a bit ahead of us, and the other lady split off to our right. Directly in front of us were three large and beautiful stone monuments, a horse and soldier, a General I think, and two great pillars. They were flanked by maple trees and the head markers of the dead soldiers. The young man was up by the statues, taking photos...and as we crossed the grass (moving towards him) I saw movement-between the stones- a white blur floating across the grass- I instinctively snapped a photo...then I asked the lady next to me, "did you see that?" the expression on her face said yes! And then she managed to get out an "I sure did" and she wanted to leave!! I said "no, come on - it is okay", and I shouted to the gentleman-but his back had been turned away from the apparition. He had not seen it. The other woman ran to us and asked what happened, (her friend still white as a sheet) and we told her. We decided to search the area for footprints, or evidence of humans wandering about,or pranksters, but there were no footprints or evidence of such. Did we see something? Was it real? A ghost perhaps? YOU be the is the developed photograph...

Gettysburg Orb Photo

Submitted from: Chanda Wright, Maryland, USA - NATIONAL GHOSTHUNTERS

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