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The Ghost Club Society is the worlds oldest and most prestigious society devoted to the serious and impartial investigation, study and discussion of subjects not yet fully understood or accepted by science, especially psychical phenomena.


Early Ghost Hunters

Early members of the Ghost Club including Sir William Barrett (second from right front row) and Sir William Crookes( third from left, front row)

1851 The Ghost Club Society
founded in Cambridge.Members include E. W. Benson, later Archbishop of Canterbury and Arthur Balfour, later Prime Minister.

1862 The London Ghost Club.
Members include the Hon. A.Gordon, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick: a Canon of Westminster and the Registrar of Cambridge University.

1882-1936 First revival. Members include Sir William Crookes, Sir William Barratt, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Oliver Lodge, W. B. Yeats and Harry Price.

1938 -1947 Second revival.
With Harry Price as Chairman. Members include Lord Amwell, Algernon Blackwood, Mrs K. M. (Mollie Goldney, Sir Ernest Jelf, K. E. Shelley QC, Sir Osbert Sitwell, Dr Paul Tabori and Peter Underwood.

1954 -1993 Third revival. With Peter Underwood as President. Members K. E. Shelley QC, Dr Christabel Nicholson,Dr Paul Tabori, Donald Campbell MBE, Peter Sellers,Dennis Wheatley, Dr George Owen, Lord Dowding, Ena Twigg and Sir Julian Huxley.


The Ghost Club Society. With Peter Underwood as Life President and Colin Wilson as vice-President. Members include Michael Bentine, Peter Cushing, Daniel Farson,Col. John Blashford-Snell, Dr George Owen, Rosemary Brown, Michael Denison and Dulcie Gray, Sarah Miles, and Dame Jean Conan Doyle.

Over the years we have visited dozens of reputedly haunted properties for the purpose of investigation, including: Woburn Abbey, Longleat, Markyate Cell, Salisbury Hall, Windsor Castle, Borley Rectory, The Queen's House Greenwich, Bramshill, Chingle Hall, RAF Museum Cosford, Harlaxton, Chicksands, Glamis Castle and Paul Getty's English home Sutton Place. In fact innumerable practical investigations have been carried out into alleged hauntings at cottages, houses, villages, manor houses, places and castles throughout Britain and elsewhere.

Regular meetings of the Ghost Club Society are held at a London club and elsewhere with a quarterly journal Society News going to Members. Membership is normally invitation only, however, if you would like more information on the society write to:

The Ghost Club Society
The Hon. Secretary,
Mr Trevor Kenward,
Pine Trees
26 Dewlands Rd
Verwood. Dorset. BH31 6PL.


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