April 2000

Little Boy Running

Never Let The Business Go Down

The Letter


Backwards Feet

Voices in the Wardrobe

My Ghost D

A Very Creepy Cottage

Lostock Cemetery

Strange Things

Our Unknown Visitor

Friendly Visitors?

My Brothers Best Friend

The Slave Barns

When The Lights Go Out!

What We Found

The Blue Light

Love Never Dies

The Rock House

Sacred Ground

Insurance Hole

Hand Prints

Gentle Spirit


Two In One Experience

The Little Boy In The Attic

An Evening in the Park

Daddy's Bass Fiddle

Rocking Winds

Haunted Hill

A Haunted House

The Ghost of Jones Hall

Guarding Wings

House with a History

The Carpenter Creeps

Tenth Floor Trouble


Welcome Home Emm

Strange Woman

Diving For Ghosts

Employment Interview

House For Ghosts - Not Humans

A Forgotten Window