Our Unknown Visitor

My family used to live in a house, in a town just outside of Brisbane. There used to be a man hole in the bathroom above the door..Every now and then it used to be open and we would close it and then a day or so later it would be open again..No one could reach this except my husband..it was that bad at times that he got up into the roof to see if there was anyone living there..but there wasn't.

There was another strange occurrence that if you were standing at the sink in the kitchen you would hear your name being called..it only happened when you were at home on your own.

One night just before we moved out I was woken abruptly and standing at my husbands hip was this dark outline, it was waving to me and I pinched myself to make sure that i was awake, and yes my pinch hurt, I was awake. It then disappeared.

We were in our house for a few days and then I heard it again so then I yelled at it to go away and I never heard from it again to this day.

It gave me goosebumps just telling you today.

Submitted by Jenny, Queensland, Australia