The Evil Room

Sorry if this story is kinda was told to me by my mom. Here we go.

When my mom was 10 her mother passed away. About a month after she died, my mom was in her mothers room looking for something. Her mother had a pair of those old, heavy drapes that wind CAN'T move. She looked at the curtains and they were open and up with handprints. About 2 seconds later the curtains dropped and she felt a blast of cold air. Naturally she freaked out and left.

Later on, a few months later my aunt was cleaning the house.She went to her mothers door and heard a roar. She went outside until my mom came home. She told my mom what happened. My mom went inside to her mothers room, as she touched the knob she heard a roar that shook the hinges. My mom said from then on she knew something evil was in that room.

Later on after they moved out a couple moved in. After living in that house a few months, the man killed his wife chopped her up and buried her in the mountains. Coincidence? Maybe, but you never know.

Submitted by Audra Lindsey, Washington, USA