The Man in The Basement

When we bought our house about a year ago, we certainly weren't thinking that anything strange would happen to us. We are normal, average people that go to work 40 hours a week and we don't have seances or call psychic hotlines. The only thing we knew about the previous owner of the house was that he had died an old man and had been a veteran of a war (we don't know which one).

Anyway, nothing strange happened at first. Then we started remodeling the basement. It was dingy and dirty and smelled musty so we decided to knock down some walls and lay some carpet and make it into a nice study or guest room. That's when it all started. First, our dog that usually loved to go down there because it was cool and quiet refused to go past the top step. We would pick him up and try to take him down there and he would take off like a rocket back up the steps. Then I noticed that I would get an uneasy feeling when I would go down there to do laundry. I found myself many times slamming the washer lid shut and running up the stairs. I would be out of breath when I reached the top. My husband would ask me what was wrong and I always said, "nothing".

Then one night we got the scare of our lives. We had gone shopping earlier that day and I had bought about 10 candles to put around the house for decoration. We dropped off our purchases at home and then went back out for some dinner. We got back home after dark and were pulling into the driveway when my husband brought the car to an abrupt halt. He told me to look in the basement window which faces the driveway. Only one window is visible. The rest of the basement is underground. When I did, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. All the candles that I had bought that day were placed in different areas of the basement and were burning! I looked at my husband and asked him if he had gotten one of his friends to play a joke on me by lighting all the candles to scare me. He didn't answer because he was already out the door and on his way inside.

Thinking about burglars, I told him to wait, we needed to call the cops before we went in. He said that was a good idea. My husband wouldn't have gone to the trouble of calling the cops if he had been plying a joke on me. I love him, but he's not that creative and that would have been too good of a prank! Plus, we had been out with all of our friends for dinner.

Of course, the cops found nothing or nobody. We spent the night in a hotel because I couldn't stop shaking.

A few weeks later, the incident shoved to the back of mind (sort of) we were getting ready to go out and my husband was taking a shower and I was sitting in the bedroom putting on makeup. He was teasing me about something and I yelled to him, "If you don't stop, I'm going to sick the ghost on you". At that exact moment, the mirror I was looking in broke right in the middle like someone had punched it and spider webbed to the edges. I started to call for my husband but he had heard the glass break and was already standing beside me.

A lot of other little things happen like footsteps coming up the basement steps and whispers coming from the vents down there and breezes on the stairway.

The other day we found out that our next door neighbour had been childhood friends with the man that had previously owned the house. He told us that his buddy had never liked change. He always hated for something to be different so I guess when we remodeled his basement, we made him angry.

We're not really sure what do to now because the remodeling job was quite expensive and we don't want to "undo"it. The occurrences are getting more and more frequent and sometimes hostile. We are truly frightened sometimes. We had to give our dog to some friends because she was having some kind of weird spasms or seizures. We hate to move because we have invested so much into this house.

Submitted by Tennessee, USA