November 2000

Uninvited Guests

Hotel Denison

The Old House

Walk In The Night

One Last Ride

The 2nd Floor

Phantom Footsteps

Strange Things From Sweden

My Guardian Angel

The Schoolyard

Footsteps in the Hall

Highway Ghosts

The Man in The Fedora Hat and Other Stories

Invisible Friends or Visitors From Beyond?

The Depot Bar

Saved By A Little Angel

Ghost At Sea

One Scary Night

Footsteps 3

Lights In the Graveyard

Things In The Mirror

Something In the Mountain House

Alone In A Strange New Place

The Ringing Bell

Visitations or Manifestations?

A Final Goodbye

Timid Ghost

Mystery To Me!

Shadow Man

A Ghost or Not A Ghost?

My Babysitting Experience

Unseen Spirits

Jealous Spirit

Hurricane Ghost


Hair As A Warning