October 2000

Forever Friends

I Love You/Bloody Bridge

The House on Silver Lake

The Presence

Funny Ghost Story

Home Alone?

Footsteps on the Stairs

Summerville Light

My Little Girl

Mt. Mansfield/My Grandfather at Camp Kilmer

What Seth Saw

A Single Orb or More?

Onyx House

Robins Walk

The Path of the Warrior

Group Home Ghost

Blanket Pulled Under The Bed

The House of My Nightmares

Wedding Day

The Haunting on Northcliffe Drive

My Little Boy

Native American Wind

Who Knew When We Bought the House?

Who's There

Eavesdropping Ghost

Dance With Me

Phantom Roommate

The Lights On The Hill

Several Experiences

The Chaperone

His Sister's Return

Hand Stories

The Elderly Woman

The Typewriter

Poker Face

Looking For His Jacket

The Hive


Dad Is Still Here

Spirit Guide

The Doorknob

Road Rage

She Couldn't Let It Happen Again

From Skeptic to Believer

Haunted TV Station

The Big Movie Theatre

The Angry Ghost on the Stairs

How Dare You

Afraid Of The Bedroom