September 2000

Echoes of the Past

Open For Business!

Beyond A Shadow of A Doubt!

The Black Room

The Queen of Spades

Ghostly Happenings In Our House

A Weird Visitor


Deon the Love Ghost

Bedford Haunting

Peach Shawl

Cold hands

The Ghost that Saved My Life

My First Experience With A Ghost

I Love You and Goodbye

Pause & Reflect

Pioneer Woman

Early Morning Ghost

Stay Out of The Playhouse

The Elevator (3)

House Full of The Unknown

Mrs MacDonald

Haunted All My Life

Freaky Sleepaway Camp

My Personal Ghost III

My Spirit


A Hawaiian Tale

Out Of Body

The Old Woman (2)

The Tape Recorder

176 Wickham Road

House Spirit

On The Highway

A Night at The Ambassador

The Toy Offering

Terrors in New Hampshire

The Auditorium

A Visit From My Mother

Young & Scared

Not My Reflection/House on 51st Street

Savannah Madame

Babysitters Helper

Paranormal or Paranoid?

Didn't You Grow Up With Ghosts?

The Hand Print

Evil Eyes/Winter Ghost

Family Related Ghost Problem

Telephone Call

A Presence In My Life

Good Vs Evil