August 2001

UFO in Oklahoma


Something In The Rain

Stolen Drivers License

Unseen Presence

More Than Dinner

Driving Me Crazy

Grandmas House

Blackberry Hunt Guardian Angel

Who's Out There?

The Haunted Skull

Little Green Men

Vision of Faith

Was That Just My Imagination?

My Guardian Angel

My Haunted Flat

My Friends Gift


Lane 16

Typical Ghost Story

Somthing In The Water?

A Warm Embracing Feeling

The Mattress

The Ghost of Grandma

Ghostly Telephone Call

Abandoned Home........I Don't Think So!

Ghost In The Doorway

The Loving Mother

Who's There?

The Creak of A Rope

A Feeling Of Peace

Daddy Is Watching

X-Ray Light

Nightly Visitor

Grandpa's Gift

Watching Ghost Boy

The Hewit Mansion

Wake Up Call

Dad's Late Fate

The Theatre

Attic Ghost Child