December 2001

The Man In Black

Always Here With Us

Guardian Angels

The Mind Is A Powerful Thing


The Dog Upstairs

The Night I Knew I Wasn't Alone

The Great Lakes Training Center Ghost

Theatre Critic

A Grandfathers Death

My Mothers Story

Haunted House In NH

Footprints In The Snow

The Shadow Like Figure


Step On The Brakes

Strange Sightings

Noises In The Dark

Spirits of the New Year

Just Saying Thank You

An Extra Pet

Hovering White Light

Lights Off

Ghost Couple

Mysterious Floating Green Triangle

The Oddness of it All

Some Nice People That Smile A Lot

A Man From The Past

My Dog Kept Evil Away

Betty's Ghost

The Paulding Light

The Face

Phantom Light

Haunted Honeymoon