February 2001

Cipriano The Evil Saint


Devilish Doll

Unexpected Guest

The Linen Closet

The Mysterious World!

The Sad Girl and The Old Lady


The Party Room

Church Ghost

Unknown Images

Head of Satan

The Little One

Video Phantom

Haunted Houses or Haunted People?

Sound Stage 4

In The Garden With Stephanie

Best Friends Forever

Spirits At Little Round Top

Visit From The Past

The Concerned Mother

Tell Me What This Was

The Boyfriend and the Cat


Ever Get That Weird Feeling?

Walking Shadows

The Angel Statue

Goodnight Ghost

Helpful Ghost Captain

A Fight With The Devil

Return of a Dead Man

The House on Union Street

Small Black Figure

My Horse

Dam Tragedy

Midnight Madness

Another Ability

Uncle Peter

A Haunted Church?

The Field of Paths

The House In The Apple Orchard