January 2001

Thanks From Benny

Leave It On

Face In The Tree

My Intercontinental Friend

People Died Here

Voice From...?

Afraid of the Dark

Respect Graveyards & Their Residents!

Here Kitty, Kitty

All Saints Street

The Artist

Not Of This World

The Little Boy

Knock, Knock!

2 Years

The Jockey

The Third Step


The Candlestick

Phantom Tow Truck

Ghost Town

Flashes of the Future/Haunted Dormitory

Coffe House Antics

Lottery Ticket Angel

Music On Music Off

A Friendly Visit


Black Masses

The Rocking Chair

Telephone Nightmare

The Ghandi Monster

Fireball Ghost

Ghost of A Previous Resident?

The Strange Creatures Where I live

Construction Worker

Oak Street

Blue Light That Follows Me


A Patient Died

An Unexplained House

Play it Again Harry

The Mausoleum Dare