June 2001

What Only a Child Can See

Kinzu Dam

Glittery Hat Mystery

Sewer Walker

Don't Drive The Road

Growing Up With Ghosts

Me and My Shadows

Rocking Chair

The Beasts

The House At Carrington Road

Strange Bedfellows

Better Late Than Never


Two Days of Terror

It Follows Us

An Old Friend

Red Eyes In The Hallway

5th Grade Believer

Aimee The Lost Soul

Racing The Devil

Midnight Cabinet Ghost

The Forgotten Century

My Brothers Spirits

Aunt Emma

Attic Encounter With My Dead Brother

Family Ghost

Mystery of Three

Grandpa Comes To Visit

Brass Bed

Civil War House

Noises In The Attic

Sweetmans Road

Red Riding Hood

The Boy In The Mexican Restaurant

Light In The Fort

Most Interesting Game

Two Apparitions


Bad Mommy

Second Floor Spook

The Museum

A Strange Ride

Ghosts In The Mirror

Port Arthur

My Spirits

Belmont House

The Farmouse