May 2001

Ghost of A Hanged Man

The House on the Cliff

The Family Ghosts

The Luck Of The Irish

The Ghost of Gallager Woods Road


The House His Grandpa Built

A Ghostly Encounter In My Home

100 Year Old House

Werewolf On The Dirt Road?

Old Milton School

Headless Figures

Converted Believer

Silver Spoons

Whats Happening To Me?

Going Home

The Owls


Haunted Trailer Home

Unexplainable Occurrence

Grabbing Ghost

Stuffed Bear Nightmare

Slaveholder Ghost

A Most Unappreciative Tenant

Duplex By The Cemetery

Store Fright

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Mom's Nightmare

Is The T.V Man Real?

Strange Blackout

Uncle Bobby

A House on the Hill Before

Dream A Little Dream

Light/Dark People