September 2001

The Thinking Ball

Time Warp?

The House of My Teenage Years

The Lady In The Fan

Haunting At A Friends House

At The Bottom Of The Stairs

Dark Man

They Hate Me

Dark Premonition

Grandpa's Home Place


Our Haunted House

Is it Just Coincidence?

Family Ties

Spiritual Magnetism

Stalked By Death?

Ship At Sea

Angel In The Kitchen

The Cats Came With The House


I Know It Was There

The Ghost of A Jockey

The Final Walk Home

Union Street House

Seeing Through Me



RAF Ghost

Spirits of The West End

Fuzzy Black Things

Nevada Landing Scare

The Final Goodbye

Ghost Story From Port Arthur

A Visit From The Other Side

Been In To See The Baby

Children On The Playground/My Protector

What Is It With Me?

Flush Spirit

Red Say's Goodbye

Generations of Spirits

Closet Ghost

The Dark Ones

The Invisible Dog

It Makes Them Disappear

He's Still Around

My Son's First Friend

Grandma's Visit

Wayne's Tears

The Black Carriage

Fulneck School Haunting

Grandma's Ghost at Christmas

The Visitor

Spook House

Tower Spirit