April 2002

There Was Something In The Basement

Hide And Go Seek

Dark Autumn Skies

Who or What is Here?

Leap Frog

Ghosts Like To Bug Me!

Guardian Angel or What?

When I Was Little

Ghostly Jokes

Stirring Up My Paranoia

The Impersonator

Opey's Ghosts

Continuous Crash

Theatre Phantoms

I Still Hate Dolls

Voices At Night

It Wasn't Me

Something Is Here

Frankies Castle

The Relatives Story

Past Life In The Tower

My Hidden Companion

What Is It?

The Haunted Pub

Ghost of A Hero


The Ghost of Hangar 10

The Boy Who Comes Home

A Late Night Bus Ride

No Matter What The Voice Will Still Be There

Scariest Moment of My Life

Runs In The Family

The Punk Rock Ghost

A Beam of Light

The Old House

Haunted Police Station

The Seance

Cumberland Island