August 2002

Moving House

The Cat Who Came Back

The Trap Door

Nightly Visitors

Dead Calling

No Nunsense and Other Stories

Broken Clown

Whats In The Walls?

Weird Bedroom

The Boy In The Road

Grandma and Jimmy

Honey, Look At The Kids!

Is The Wild West Still Alive?

Tap On The Shoulder

Unknown Man

Always Listen To Your Dad

Goodbye Mate

Young Boy In My Basement


A Sign From Satan?

Somethings There

It's All For One

Dad And The Phantom Baby

A Visit From The Previous Owner

Man or Beast?

Family Visitations From Beyond

Ghostly Treasures

The Cat That Never Died

Prankish Ghost or Overactive Imagination?

My Own Ghost!

Jersey Avenue Hauntings

Professors Ghost

Seeing Her By The Mirror

Hallway Hauntings

Brother-In-Laws House

Lady of the House

Tromsoe Bus Driver

Man With A Smile

Being Possessed

My Grandfather

The Boarding School From Hell

Daddy's Friend

Riney Road

Eerie Occurrance


The Lady With the Backwards Feet

Haunted Apartment in Hollywood