The Boy In The Road

Ok, I really have not told many people this story.... I am not sure if I was just too sleepy, or if it was something of the supernatural type. (a lot of paranormal activity in my life) I have been spending some of my spare time online reading other people's stories.... and they have given me some confidence to share my own.

At my high school, as many others in our area, we had a 'senior skip day.' Everyone would skip school, no matter what grade level. We would almost always group up and head off to Cedar Point (amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio) and spend the entire day there. A lot of times other schools would have the same day off...and would do the same as us. On this specific day/year, my boyfriend's (now husband's) school was doing the same for their juniors (which he was)...they even bussed them all in. I was in 9th grade at the time (14), and I already lived in a haunted house, so I was very used to seeing things that weren't quite right.

All day we had a blast, riding coaster after coaster, over and over. I swear we rode every ride there that day! (Like we always do!!) When it came time to go home, I was going to hop the bus with Keith's school and spend the night at his pad. His stupid friend, who was jealous of me at the time, told the bus driver I did not go to their school and she booted me.

I was in a panic, all of my friends and family members had already left.... I thought I was stuck there until I found some other 'friends' I hadn't known were there. They agreed to take me home, thank goodness. I sat in the back seat, with all of the snacks and the cooler....hehehe.

The guy driving got lost, took the wrong exit, and ended up somewhere in Detroit, MI. It wasn't so bad, but he refused to stop for directions and he kept driving further and further into the not-so-great neighborhoods. I admit I was scared, this being nearly 2:00 a.m.

As we were driving down this one road, I noticed something in the road up ahead. When we got closer I realized it was a young teen male, maybe 11-13, kind of overweight.... standing right at the yellow lines in the road. This guy driving hugged the yellow lines, so I repeatedly told him to watch out for the kid. He just kept saying, 'what kid?"

His girlfriend, sitting in the front seat, was asking me if I was all right and if I needed something to eat, thinking I was hallucinating from low blood sugar or something. I said no, and swore there was a kid in the road up ahead. Both said I was crazy and kept on driving. All the while I was pleading with him to move over, or at least slow down. I was really in a panic. When we got to the point to where he was standing, I saw him run right at the car. I was so freaked out that I covered my head with my jacket and waited it out. I wholly expected a thud....of where the driver hit him. There was nothing.

I jumped up and looked out the back window, and you know what? There was that same kid...laughing at me! I couldn't hear him, but I could see him laughing his fool head off at me. I could imagine his laughter echoing through my maybe I did hear home eh? I asked the girl to turn around and tell me what she saw.....and still they both saw nothing. Was this kid a ghost of someone who was hit on that very road? Or was it just my imagination?

The next day I told Keith about what I saw. He believed me, but said he didn't know what to tell me (his famous words!). I have only told a few people about this....I have never been sure how to tell it or what really happened. I know there was someone there, I saw every detail.

He was wearing a striped short sleeved tee-shirt; light green, blue, white and yellow. Skinny strips actually. He had his hair cut short, but long enough to notice it needed cut. He wore blue jean shorts, the kind that come to the knee. This was way before the 'style' they wear them in now (man would I love to run up behind one and pull those pants down! LOL) and so they were just regular wear. He was solid and clear, until we passed by (through?) him. Then his image flickered, like that of and old projector image. And he was faded, not as vivid as before.

What do you all think? 15 years later and it still gives me the creeps. I sometimes have nightmares about him. I got the distinct feeling he wasn't very nice, since he laughed at me and all. Now I am not sure what to think. I have no clue what road we were even on, so I can't go back to see if he is still there, Dangit!

Ok, enough for now. Just thought I would get it all out before I changed my mind.

Thanks for reading my story.

Good Day All!!!

Submitted by Dianna, MI, USA