January 2002

The Ghost Town

The Lady At Night

Bath Time

The Neglected Brother

The Night I'll Never Forget

The Unexplained Car Ride

Tiny Town Terror

Attracted To Legs

A Friendly Ghost

The Venetian Blinds

Roadside Assistance

The Student That Never Graduated

Brown Mountain Lights NC

Ghost Date

And The Baby Cried

Lakeshore House

House Built On A Graveyard

Burning Down The Barn

The House Went Down, But the Spirits Didn't

The White Morning on Red Ice

Chilling Theatre Ghost

The Shelter

Image of The Lost Boyfriend

A Promise Fulfilled

A Safe Place?


One Hundred Horses

At The Door

Adams Haunt

A Grunt Gets A Taste of The Unknown


The Unexplained Flying Objects


Two Experiences And some Doubt

That Weary Night