July 2002

I Could Find No Explanation

Blurred Message

Mr. Cooper

Eerie Train

Angel Ornament

Feline Messenger


Silence Is Golden

Happy Anniversary

My Not-So-Scary Stories

Late Night Terror

Floating Spirits

Freaked Out Flat Mates

She Wanted To Be Remembered

The Yankee Soldier

Aunt Rose

She's Still Around

Visit From My Father-In-Law

The Old Lady

Drawing Cats

Ghost Encounters, Some Good - Some Horrible!

An Australian Ghost Story

Loud Bangs

The Meat Locker

Ghost Child

Wrong Place at the Wrong Time



Sighting In Broad Daylight

Doorbell Ghost

The One Who Never Left

The Memorial Bench

Astors Beechwood

Dreams & Warnings

Dark Falls Elementary

A Neighbours Help

Axyl & Oscar


A Visit From My Mother

A Childs Imagination

I No Longer Blame Myself