May 2002

Nothing Sinister On My Mind

Thanks For The Warning

The House At Goobertown

My Roommates Tormentor

Ghost Voices In My Head

The Wraith of Mystery Mile

The Velvet Painting

Disappearing Into Darkness

The Wake

Haunted Lane

The Light In The Window

Mystery Critter

Cries of A Baby

Ghost In My Bed

Blood Stains

One Spring Afternoon

Strange But True

My Friend Gabe

A Voice in the Attic

My Papa Wasn't Ready To Leave

Haunted Athens

Two Eyes One Night

They Let Me Know They Were There

Eloise - Spirits Remain

Ghostly Big Brother

Haunted House

Haunted Highway

Uneasy Living

My Experiences With Ghosts

Tears That Stained Her Face


Were We Alone?

So You Think You're Brave Ey?

The Face On The Tree

Just Checking Up

The Weeping Woman

My House

They Move House More Than I Do

Mom's Story

Grandmother's Ghost

The Message

The Face

The Queen Mary

The Homestead

The Ghost of the Upstairs Bedroom

Thing in the Woods


Great Great Great Grandma

The Bad Thing In The Boot Room