November 2002

A Lesson Learnt

The Milkmaid

My Mothers Keeper

Firstborn Connections

Footsteps In The Kitchen

Nightshift At Tarban Asylum

The Demon Within

House By The Cemetery

Watch What You Invite

The Music Box

The Woods

A Kiss Goodbye

Shadow In The Graveyard

Meme's Birthday Visit

What I Learned At College

The Pathfinders Ghost

Bedroom Intrusion

Ghosts And Accidents

The Hitchhiker

The Man In My Room

Possessed Computer?

Basement Ghost

Indian Massacre

Ghosts In The Playroom

Ice Blue

Was My Ghost My Friend or a Stranger?

Night Sounds

Daddy, Are You There?

New Orleans Ghost

First Night At Grandma's

Crying In The Basement

Erie Avenue Walker

Catching A Ride

I Love You Too Papa

The Aussie Cowboy

The Stairs

The Black Cat, Dark Shadows & Deja vu

The Battery Russel