October 2002

The Man By The Cross

The Apartments

A Yowie Sighting?

Apple Demon

Aunt Dorothea's House of Unrest

House Ghosts

Voice In The Hall

The Lonely Lady

Rude Awakening

A Ghost For Every Home

Four Ghosts In One Night

Mothers Spirit

Unwelcome Visitor In The Basement

The Hooded Woman


My Grandpa's Farm


What Are You Doing In My Room?

My Dreams

Phantom Car

Hanging Trees & Trap Doors

The Headless Woman of Berwind

Dancing Dolls

Cemetery Man

Roadside Assistance

The South Will Rise Again

Premonition From My Mother

Nightmare on 12th Street

What A Strange House!

Amazing Grace

Small Cabin in Maine

Checking Us Out


Mrs. Reilly

Mirror Mirror

I Just Seem To Attract Them

The Cat Came Back

Maybe They Called Her Mother

Great Aunt Suzie

Dark Shadowy Figure

My Cousin Melanie

Reaper Warnings

Hospital Haunts or Too Much Caffeine?

I Am Sam

The Ball

Its Ok To Die

My Haunted Houses

The Figure In The Swamp

My Daughter's Friend

PA Gates of Hell

Great Grandpas Ghost


They Never Left Alcatraz

Comforting Ghosts

The Fog