My husband is in the Australian Army, and thus, we move all over the place in houses that are occupied constantly by different people.

I consider myself quite "switched on" to spirits, and hear see and sense them on a regular basis.

In our first Army house in Albury, I would constantly see a particular little boy standing in the hall and in our end bedroom doorway. He was always just standing there - making the hall and room icy cold. This boy never really bothered me unless he really caught me off guard.

We moved to Melbourne a year or so later and it was in this new house that I had an experience that shook me so much I couldn't see/hear or sense spirits for a couple of years later...

I was in my bathroom getting ready for work one morning (I left at 3:45am - so it was still very dark), and felt quite "icky" that morning for some reason... i just put it down to nerves over my new works tasks.... until i looked in the mirror to put on my makeup. There, lying in the bathtub, was a 'dead' woman (I say dead in the sense that she was lifeless - not with horrific wounds or anything) with beautiful curly dark hair - staring off into the distance. I screamed my head off and went to work unsettled - with no makeup on that day.

Luckily we left Melbourne soon after, I never felt comfortable in that house again!

Submitted by Toni, QLD, Australia