December 2003

I Got To Say Goodbye After All

A Ghost In Old San Juan

The Shadow

Grave Digger

The Darkness Has A Voice

My Ghostly Visit To America

The Floating Face

The Man In The Woods

Ghost Car In Broad Daylight

Missing Ouija Board

Green Lady and Other Stories

A Christmas Decor

Am I Crazy?

Creepy House

Old Woman Crying

Carrie's Possession

Our Ghost Cat

Old Mr Mills

Half Way Under

Renting A House Can Be Interesting

A Knock At My Window

Mind Your P's & Q's On The Queen Mary

Summer 03'

Seeing It

My Guardian Angel

Grandmother's Tricks

Getting Through The Holidays

Galloping Horses

Lost Child

A West Philly Haunting

Ghostly Answering Service

The Guest House

Manic Maniac

Lonely Spirit

Morrow Road

Spooky Old House


Scary Bedroom