February 2003

Haunted Plantation

Please, Have My Pudding

Our Haunted Home

Could Not Figure Out What It Was

Don't Know What To Think Any More

My Friends Grandma

Thinking of You

Ghost Dad

Suited Men and Clinking Walls

The Kitchen

What Where Those Things?

The House That Wasn't There

Who's There?

Don't Be Late for P.T.

The Man On The Stairs

Flashlight? Car Headlights?......Ghost?

What My Father Said

The Milford Light

The Girl in the Polka-Dot Dress

Last Promise

Calm of the Night

Vermilion House

First Day On The Job

Never A Boring Night In That House

The Smoke Detector

Graveyard Chills

The Watchdog

Wandering in the Wee Hours

The Golden Orb and Other Small Things

The Old Chinaman in the Bush

Great Uncle Chaulky

A Ghost In Brand New Houses

Did You Just See What I Saw?

The Laughing Thing

Haunted House

The Fan Ghost