Calm of the Night

This is not a long story, but it is a true ghost story.

I was home alone one night and lying in bed. My house was dark, except for the moonlight. As I was lying in bed I had started feeling scared. Scared of the dark. Then, all the sudden I felt calm, unafraid, and relaxed. It was quite weird feeling, really frightening and then all of a sudden fine.

As this happened, I couldn't help but look out my window. Walking past my tree was a man! A ghostly type look about him, he was wearing a 40's looking pin striped suit and a brim hat. He also was just in black and white...No color to him at all...not even his skin. He only appeared there for not even 3 seconds and he was gone.

Oddly enough, I wasn't scared. Not a bit. I felt protected and very calm. I never researched the area, but I have rumors that my town is on an ancient Indian burial ground, but that doesn't explain the 40's looking man.

Who knows...but that's my ghost sighting!

Submitted by Andrea, MN, USA