July 2003

Grandma's In The Closet

Unexplained Happenings at Townline

There Was Something Under My Bed

Seduced By A Ghost

The Haunted Dorm

Post Partum Nightmares

Barracks Ghost

Kathy's Message

The Courthouse Pub, Dungog

A Visit From Mom & Carl

Sweet Dreams?

The Shadow Hand

The Man

Noises of the Night

Mom and Scary Mary of Abecid Manor

The Little Girl

Ghost Dog

Always There

They Only Come Out At Dusk

My First Apartment

Haunted Apartment

Midnight Sighting

Haunted Forever

Through The Hallway


Root Cellar

Running Shoes

Don't Watch Him Sleep

Kiowa Street Experience

A Very Freaky House

Was It Real?


Angel Story

The Graveyard

A Monkey On His Back

Haunting: A Definite Understatement

Mommy She Wont Let Us Leave!

The Blue Man

My 3 Haunted Houses