June 2003

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Beyond The Grave


Daddy's Visit

The Laughing Man

The Knocking

Smoking Silhouette

Were They Murdered?

Dad's Car

Another True Vanishing Hitchhiker Story

Sharing and Scaring

Graveyard Shift (June 03)

The Haunted Attic

An Invisible Presence

The "Harriet" Incident

The Black House


Surprise Visit

The Wristwatch and Other Stories

The Glowing Dog

Was It A Ghost?


The Old Church In The Countryside of England

Do You Still Love Me?

Red Eye

What Was That?

My Green Sweatered, Limping Pop

Grandma Say's Goodbye

The Loggers Hut on Fire Trail #12

Never Look Under The Bed

Was This My Friend

Faded Town

Bushland Ghost

Ghost Rider With Cigarette

The Angry Boy On Mystery Mile

Just Scary!

A Trip To Norway

By Yourself

Imagination or Real?

House For Sale

3 Nights Of Terror