The Loggers Hut on Fire Trail #12

This happened to me about a week ago while bushwalking with two friends. Let me briefly explain, the area this occurred in is dense forest dotted with cliffs and unexplored caves. Anyway, it was early evening by the time we reached our destination point. We were making our way down an old logging trail, overgrown but we knew where we were going.

On the map there was an old hut indicated and we found it. It was a relic from the old logging days. So we set came up there. I found a stream so as I filled up our billy can with water for tea I just happened to look up and saw a man dressed in red and white checkered shirt, pants held up by braces, a floppy hat, full beard and wore riding boots. He was standing on the edge of the forest, watching me. I gave him a friendly wave, thinking it was another walker out but I thought it was odd as he had no pack. He stood there before disappearing into the bush, I presumed, to get his pack. Anyway, I made my way back to the hut and told everyone else about the man I saw. We all presumed it was another bushwalker and thought nothing more about it.

Now comes the freaky bit. During the night I woke up as nature was calling. I went out and was doing the business when I just happened to turn round and saw him again. And he didn't look too happy.

First thing came to mind was this is one very pissed off backpacker. Strangely he came suddenly towards me, anger blazing in his eyes then, he was gone! just like that! It wasn't a dream because I peed down my legs and I could still feel the warmth. I don't remember going back to the hut but I certainly remember not sleeping that night.

I told everyone the next day and as usual they humored me. As we were packing up one of the guys, "Tom", went down the stream to wash out the mugs. Next thing he comes running back, pale. He saw the man on the other side watching him. We left in a hurry.

Conclusion: Two days back I went to our local historical society and came across some old photos of some of the loggers from those days. Guess what?, I found the photo of the old bugger and a couple of mates. According to the file he disappeared one day and his body was never found. Think he was telling us about where he's buried? Then, what was he so cheesed off about? I might go back up there pretty soon and if I do, I'll keep you posted.

Submitted by Australia