October 2003

A Parnormal Life

The Healing

Ghosts of Carew Castle

A Knock On the Door

Lake Cabin

Robbie's Story

Leaving Our Home

The Old Man and Old Woman

A Flower For Tony

Happy Birthday Todd

The Davis Curse

Shadow People

Matthews House

The Earthbound Soul

What Was Following Us?

The Shattered Window

Ghost Hunting

Slave Woman

Brownies And Ghosts And Voices Oh My!

Ms. Chanandler


Haunted House or Something Worse?

He Was There

Broad Street

Plantation On The Lake

Two Dark Figures

The Little Girl

House of Spirits

Physcially Gone - Spiritually Alive!


My House on Phoenix Way

The Old House On Pine Street

The Rocking Chair

The Highway of Hell

This Old House

Our Spooky Neighbours

Haunted High School

Hill Road

Lemp Mansion

Virginia Creeper

A List of Strange Ghostly Happenings

Summer of 02'


The Little Rubber Ball

Warwick Castle