The Old House On Pine Street

This haunting took place in Brinkley, Arkansas, USA.

One Sunday afternoon when I was about 6 years old I was in the kitchen with Mother while she was cooking. We heard a loud hammering noise coming from one of the back bedrooms on the second floor. Mother, thinking my brother was hammering something, told me to go up and tell him to stop making that noise.

As I climbed the stairs I felt something trying to push against keep me from going up stairs. I had never felt anything like this before. It was as if I was being "told" not to go up there.

I could hear the hammering coming from the back sleeping porch. I called to Barney as I entered the room. No one was there...but I could feel the presence of someone or something in the corner of the room.

I was scared and ran out of the room and down the stairs. As soon as I entered the kitchen the hammering resumed. Mother said, "Randy, I thought I asked you to tell Barney to stop that noise." I said, "I went up there and no one was in the room where the noise was coming from!"

That was the day it all started....

We had so many experiences in that house that I would have to write a book to relate all of the stories! But one afternoon Mother asked me to go upstairs and turn off the fan in her bedroom. Again, I felt the foreboding and pressing against me in order to keep me from climbing the stairs. I turned off the fan and walked back down the stairs. When I got to the bottom of the stairs I could hear the fan turn back on.

I went back up the stairs...(I felt as if I was pushing an elephant up those stairs)...I unplugged the fan this time. Again, as I reached the bottom of the stairs the fan came back on.


I went to the kitchen or living room and Mother snapped at me again that she had asked me to turn off the fan! I told her what had happened. She, my aunt, and I went up there and the fan was plugged in and running full blast. We also searched the second floor...there was no one there.

I had someone get into my bed with one was there... The water in my fishbowl started boiling cooking my goldfish. (I caught hell for that one, too.) I saw light spheres, heard someone climb the name it-I saw it.

One night I was at home with my sister and her fiance'. My grandfather was dying and the whole family were at the hospital with him. I heard the screen on the front door open, saw the doorknob turn, saw the door open, and heard a man climb the stairs to the second floor. Then the hammering began. I was terrified! I ran to the living room door and slammed it shut. Then I practically flew to the couch where my sister and her fiance' were sitting and...i can't remember what happened then. I may have fainted. I know I was absolutely terrified!

Then one morning my parents woke up to find 4 new 2x4's nailed on the window facings in their bedroom. This one made a believer out of my dad. We had no lumber in the house and the finishing nails (also new) were countersunk into the boards. Clearly, an experienced carpenter had used a maul to sink the nails. There was no reason for anyone in the house to do this...and while my parents were asleep in the room?!

Well, Granny was called in. She was a clairvoyant. She saw the culprit. It was the spirit of Mr. kaufman. He had owned the house and wanted to make some repairs on it before he died. There was also some of his old furniture left up in the attic.

Granny said for us to remove all of the furniture and burn it. She said to be sure that the furniture was completely reduced to ashes or the haunting would continue.

After we followed her advice the haunting stopped.

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Submitted by Randy Watts, Arkansas, USA