This Old House

Asian cultures believe that everything has energy. When you walk into a room, energy radiates from everything-the table, the chair, the floor. Energy can be negative or positive. Some people are sensitive to the energy that surrounds them. This can be described as clairvoyancy and whatnot. Not only am I a firm believer in the energy surrounding us, I am very sensitive too it. When I was young I did not understand this. I often played in graveyards and talked to "invisible friends" there. My parents understood what was going on, but they did not know what to do about it.

We had been living in a small new house in a nearby city, but when I was about to enter the school systems, my parents decided to move because they did not want my brother and I going to school in a city. After much searching in nearby suburbs they found the perfect house-an old one. Now, our house is not large, but after living in the city for my life, it sure seemed to be. It is over 150 years old, and was once a farmhouse, and we believe that a butcher lived here at one time as well. We were never able to find and history behind it, so there was nothing to stop us from moving in.

My brother and I adjusted quickly. We were amazed at how much space we had, our own rooms, and the attic and basement. My dad often used to work from home, so he set up his office in the attic. My brother used to play behind the desks and carts, calling the area his secret club. That leads me to the first thing-the attic. I rarely played with my brother when he was up there. I used to complain about the heat even though it was very cold most of the time. Even now I cannot go up into the attic without bad reactions, physical and mental.

The second bad place is the front room. The front room is a small narrow rectangle that is filled with stuff. It used to be our playroom but I refused to play there as well. It is always cold, and whenever I'm in there I feel something watching and following me. Nobody else in my family has had this experience.

The final bad place is our basement. As a child I used to complain about the monster that was down there. The basement is large with two annexed rooms which we don't know anything about. We use it for storage. My dad used to have part of his office down there but he too complained about the strange feeling.

I know that we have spirits wandering about our house because I have felt them often times. The one that I am most personal with is a spirit cat. He is a black longhaired cat who often follows me or our living cat around. He appeared to me in a dream once when I found out his name is Inky. The rest of my family often denies the few experiences that they have had with Inky, but my father believes me somewhat.

My bedroom is also a main channel for many spirits. I don't know why, or if it's just me, but I've had many problems in my room. I have a clay cookie jar on my bureau that makes a beautiful sound when you hit the lid against the top. One night when I was trying to sleep I heard the noise-except it was incredibly loud and fast. When I worked up enough courage to turn on the light, it stopped. My cat was sleeping in my parent's room and there was nothing else around. When I turned off the lights, it started again. We (the spirit and I) went through this a couple of times until I just left the lights on!

If anybody has any idea about what exactly could be up with my house I would be happy to hear.

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Submitted by Noriko, PA, USA