September 2003

Strange Happenings In Our Old House

Wetherspoons Ladies Room

The Spite House

How Do I Free An Angry Spirit?

Thanks Dad

Fate Or Coincidence?

Spooky Night

My Grandmother


The Ghost & The Storm

The Not Quite Alone Night

Murdered Shadow

Unknown Soldier

Shadow of the Wraith

The House On Deadman's Curve

The Fatal Price

A Couple of Strange Experiences

The End of Childhood

The Silly Man

My Sign

Just A Visit To Grandma's

My Soon To Be Old House

The Constant Knocking

Old Vampire

Our Family Spirit

I Thought I Was Dreaming

Mum's Ghostly Experience

My Aunt's House Is Full of Ghosts

Ghost Sighting in John Russell State Park Miss.

Wrong Person Buddy & Rude Awakening

Singapore Haunts

Mothers & Daughters


The Green Room

A Brush With A Ghost

Haunted Doorm Room

The Boy In The Box

Computer "On" Button

Childhood Experiences

Old Lady In Old Cottage

The Haunted Stable

She Still Weeps

Lake Sambell Haunts

Rent Money Mystery

The Grey Man

The Thing That Taps On Windows

Casino Ghost

The Vexing Bits of Life

Walpole Island Evangelistic Centre and Area

Dog Ghost

The Wig