July 2004

From Skeptics to Believers


The Scratcher

Blind Turn

Poor Bella

The Ghost In The Attic

Ghostly Happenings In My House

Strange House

Erica's Story

The 100 Year Old Young Man


The Children

The Little Friar

The Tree and The Ball of Fire

Black Normandy - Glory-Glory-Glory

The House In The Woods

This Old House

Cathy's Place

Hotel Hallway

I'm Alone...So Who's Upstairs?

Center City House and Bensalem Apartment

I Swear That There's A Duck In Our Living Room

Green Men

Who Or What Was She?

One Last Call

The Betty Book

Haunted Hotel

A Good Night Gone Bad

The Haunted School Yard

Speaking To Spirits

Under The Stairs

Death Is Only The Beginning

Fairy Ring

The Work Boots

Two Ghosts and a Pug