The Little Girl

Hi my name is Natalie and I'm 21. The experience I am about to tell you didn't happen to me, but happened to my Mum and Dad.

The area of Lancashire is a historical place and some of the buildings around here are really old. We live near to the town centre and on our road there are only two houses, our house and our next door neighbour's house, Irene. The houses were built in 1980 and we were advised that there was a big pond/marshy land situated here previously. As the house was newly built you wouldn't think any paranormal activity would take place, but obviously ghosts aren't fussy!

It started when I was born. My Mum, Dad and sister (age 11 then) had only been living here for 3 years. When I was born my Mum bought a second hand cot off my Uncle, as they couldn't afford a new one. As a baby I was placed in the cot and the cot was placed in the front bedroom.

Odd things started to happen i.e. slamming of doors and sometimes when my Mum came to check on me, the curtains would be tied in a knot and tied over the curtain rail. My mum used to shout at my sister as she expected it to be her, but she was 11 and she couldn't have reached that high.
My sister to this day still insists it wasn't her.
My mum and dad were a bit freaked out by this strange activity, it was only since they had bought the cot that the activity had started, so my dad destroyed the cot and got me a new one. Nothing ever happened again.

Then when I was around seven, my sister was looking after me at home while my Mum and Dad went in the car to hire a film from the shop. It was 5.30pm, but it was winter and the dark sky had already set in. When they returned home and turned into our road, my Mum spotted a little girl and described her as being at least 4 yrs old with a cardigan on and plaits in her hair. The little girl was running. My Mum was puzzled, but also worried as the girl was only young and she shouldn't have been hanging around on the streets in the dark. My Mum turned around and asked my Dad "Have you just seen that girl?" My dad replied "Yes!"

When they had parked the car on the driveway, they went to look for the girl but there was no sign of her. They even phoned the police. When the police came my Dad told him that a girl had been roaming around on her own. At the side of our house there were a row of terraced houses that were empty and due for demolition. The police and my Dad went into the derelict buildings, with a flash torch, to see if she was hiding in there, but yet again there was no sign of the little girl.

A week passed and all was forgotten about. My dad had gone out on one particular night to the local pub. It was around 10pm and he was walking home with his fish and chips from the chippy. As he walked down our road the little girl was standing at the top of our driveway, my Dad stood in shock as he said she didn't appear to have any legs. She then ran and vanished into the wall. My Dad walked down our drive and knocked on the door. When my Mum opened the door she said my dads face was white and he said "I've just seen her again", she was a spirit but I don't understand why she has never been back.

After the derelict houses were knocked down, she was never seen again. I'd like to know what the connection was between her and those houses.

I am glad it was my parents that saw her because I don't think I would of slept for weeks if she had appeared to me.

Submitted by Natalie, Lancashire, UK