March 2004

A Conversation with God Himself?

A Shoulder To Cry On

A Haunted Higher Education

No Longer At Work Alone

My First Ghost


The Little Curly-Haired Boy

Little Girl


Am I Haunted?

The Ghosts of My House

Alone At Night

The Tunnel

SPI Investigates Crybaby Bridge

The Everlasting Experience

The Manager and Mr Spooky

Cats Can Be Playful, Even Dead!

A Spirit With Holes

Opa Was Watching

He Liked Things Neat and Tidy


Mum's Home

In The Graveyard

Hello 'der Dead People

Guide To The Afterlife

Ghost Horse and Rider

Small Things

Having Tea With The Lady of the House

House Hunting or Haunting

A Warning of Death

The Massacre

Pet Store Haunts