The Miller

My Gran's house is over 450 years old, an old mill, although nothing horrible or gruesome has been reported to have happened within its history my gran is certain that she, my grandad and their pet dog are not alone in the house.

There is more than just one event that has taken place in this house whilst my gran has lived here (for most of her life).

The first incident was perhaps the least unnerving out of the three I am going to tell you about, although I would still not really wish to have been in my grans 'footsteps' at the time.
Grandad was already in bed, as Gran often stays up late reading and comes upstairs to bed around 12ish/1. On her way up the stairs to bed gran heard footsteps behind her, as though she was being followed. She stopped and turned to see if maybe the dog had followed up the stairs, she had not, was still fast asleep in her basket downstairs. Of course as my gran stopped the noise had also stopped so she just assumed that it was her imagination and carried on. But once again she heard her footsteps and a second set of unidentified footsteps. Slightly unnerved she hurried up the last steps, but when she reached the top the second set of footsteps stopped. This story was slightly unnerving but many feel it is explainable.

However, the second story has less of a rational explanation. One day my gran was in the kitchen washing up, when she glanced up on a sudden feeling to see a man wonder slowly past the window. He stopped at the window for a second, glancing past my gran before carrying on his journey towards the mill entrance (ther door next to the window, and the room next door to the kitchen) my gran grabbed her towel and rushed outside to catch the man but there was nobody at all there. She rushed into the mill to find it once again empty. However, she didn't hang around for long as the mill is an obviously creepy place with plenty of nooks and crannys for things to hide in! When explaining the apparition to me gran said that he was middle aged, greyish haired, dressed in working clothes, but old fashioned and not up to the day. It is strange that although the man was so close and looking straight at her she cannot remember his eye colour. We can only assume this man was a worker at the mill when it was up and running.

The last story is probably the most unnerving. Again involving gran alone only this time once again late at night. However, this event happened shortly after my great gran's (who was also being looked after by my gran in the house after 2 strokes) death.

The chair which Pip (the dog) always shared with great gran is situated next to the fireplace. However, unusually this night Pip refused to sit on the chair, but prefered to sit on the rug growling steadily from the back of her throat. Gran not caring, thinking it was just Pip being a silly dog sat in the chair and began to read. Pip, however, did not stop her growling. In fact it increased until there was a feeling on the back of the chair, someone had pressed down on the cushion behind Gran's head. She turned around thinking that grandad had maybe come downstairs, but there was nobody there. Feeling utterly terrified she stood up and rushed upstairs, but as she passed behind the chair there was a sudden rush of cold. The dog spent the rest of the night upstairs with the my grandparents, for they were both worried. But I am convinced that it was just my great gran coming back to say goodbye for one last time.

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