Holiday Horror

The following story is a true account that took place in Scotland in the late 1970's.

In the summer of 1979, my uncle Tony and his 3 friends decided to go on a weeks holiday in Scotland. As their budget was limited they decided to rent a caravan and stay in a campsite. This was quite isolated, with not much on site, except basic amenities.

One night they decided to venture out of the site and go to the local village pub. So, picking up their torches, they all set out to start their short journey on a dark country road. All except one, their friend Sam, who was exhausted and decided to stay behind and get some shut eye.

When the group of friends arrived at the pub they realised that they had not brought enough money with them, so another of my uncles friends, Alfie, went back to the caravan to get his wallet.

As Alfie opened the caravan door, he was taken aback by gas fumes. In a panic he managed to turn off the gas which had been turned on at the stove. He then managed to wake Sam who was laying in the bed, oblivious to what was going on and fortunately not affected too much by the gas. Alfie had arrived just in time.

Later that night the friends discussed what had happened. It was a complete mystery as to who turned on the gas and most importantly - why.

One of them suddenly remembered something and then gave a chilling account of what had happened the previous night. He was awoken in the middle of the night to find someone trying to shut one of the windows, situated on the roof of the caravan. He naturally assumed that this was one of his friends, so went back to sleep. He now recalled that this person was standing on a stool, which was strange, because the group of friends were all tall enough to reach this window, without the aid of a stool. Whoever this person was, it was not one of his friends, but someone who was short.

They could not understand who this was and why they were trying to shut the window.

They were left with the terrifying conclusion that this was the same figure who had turned on the gas. If all the windows were closed in such a confined space and all the gas turned on, the consequences would be fatal.

The following night, they ALL went back to the pub and told their strange story to the landlord. The man seemed surprised but told them that other things had happened in the area. The previous year another group of holiday makers had been walking from the campsite to the pub. They had told of how they had met up with a young man in his early twenties. They started a conversation with him and continued on the dark country road. As they got closer to the pub, they turned around, only to find that he had disappeared. They looked around but he was nowhere to be seen. Since that night, locals had told the story of a ghostly man in the area.

Out of curiosity, my uncle asked the landlord if the holiday makers remembered what this man looked like. The landlord said that the only thing that they said about the man was that he was quite short.

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