October 2004

The House

My New Home

Altered Nature

The Candle


West Side Ghost And Angels

Haunted Staircase

Gettysburg Ghosts

The Night At The Cabin

Nannies House

Maybe Its A Guardian Angel


One Way Bridge

My Father's Trip

The House I Grew up In

Kitten Specter

I'm Not Helen

The Tobacco

The Spirits Who Hated My Children

Numerous Hauntings

They Stayed With Me

Creepy Motel

Happenings of an Old House

Grandma Letting Us Know She Was OK

Like A Black Haze

History of My Hell

South Texas Ghosts

Graveyard on the Hill

Wispy and the Broken Record

The Ghost Who Hates Country And The Little Girl


Strange Experience in Camp Mitigiwa

Sad Suicide

In The River

Pizza Face


The Basement Laundry Room

The Devil In The Rain

Watcher & Follower

Little Old Lady Creature

Trust Your Instincts

The Angry Visitor

Saying Goodbye

Mysteries of Life

Missing Screws

The Call That Never Was

April Fools Spirit

Ghostly Sailor

Maybe It Was Grandpa