December 2005

Camp Experience

We Had Visitors Last Night

Old Lady In The Woods

The Spirit In The Library

Blackberry Lane Manor Haunting

My Various Experiences

The Ghost On Geneva Lane

Daddy's Poltergeist

New Parliament House Ghost?

The Real Shining

Dying Is Not The End

Grandad's Visits

Guy Fawkes Ghost & His Black Cat

Don't Feel Alone

Abandoned House

The Little Room

Ghostly Whispers

Creaky Floors and Poltergeists

It Started at Veld School

Fated Couple on Beach Promenade

Headless Spanish Lady

The Laundry Room

Crying Baby

Who Is In The Hallway?

Night of Terror

Haunted House

A Visit From A Friend

Little Girl

Wrongly Accused Witch Hanging

The Ghastly Experience of My Room

The First Lesson You Learn