Mom Passed the Gift

I’ll start my story with a little background info. My mother is a First Nations Aboriginal from the far northern regions of Canada. She was born shortly after her parents survived a house fire that claimed the life of her four older siblings. Mom experienced the usual hardships of life on the reserve, where she was removed from her parents at 6 years of age and placed in residential school. During the time at the school (12 years), she was not allowed to see her parents, speak her language or demonstrate anything of her culture. However, she did not completely forget her culture.

My mother is a firm believer in the Father, Son, Holy Ghost and Nature Gods. As far back as she can remember Mom has always experienced strange occurrences, such as seeing things and knowing things before they happen. This was her "gift".

About twenty years ago, I was 15 and already living on my own. The bills were always paid, but some months I was too poor to buy food. So when my parents decided to separate, my father bought a stacking duplex so my mother and I would have apartments to live in (practically rent free, yippee food!!). I had the apartment upstairs and Mom had the main floor. To simplify, the duplex was just a really big house with two levels and a door that connected both apartments without going outside.

We weren’t in the house long before I started to see things out of the corner of my eye, toilets flushed on their own, doors closed in your face and lights flickered (especially with Mom close). Convinced that the house was haunted, I had a Spiritual reader come to the house for a "card reading party" (mom, sisters and friends were present). I did not inform Wendy (spiritual reader) that I thought the house was haunted (I wanted her to tell me). I was stunned when she walked in, looked at my mother and said, "You have children spirits all around you. They are drawn to your energy". My mom smiled and said it was probably her older brother and sisters. No matter how friendly or child like my mother’s ghosts were, I still could not get use to living with them. I was always antsy.

A few years later, I got married and had a son. In our second year of marriage, my husband and I started to have problems (based on alcoholism). The problems got increasingly worse so we separated. One night, while I got ready for bed, I heard my son giggling and cooing in his room. I immediately thought of my mom’s followers, so I went to check on him. His room was cold, but he was sound asleep. As I turned to leave, I got goosebumps and something grabbed my arm. I froze and couldn’t move. Just then, a terrifying vision popped into my head. (The vision was clear as day and entail; me, in a nightclub with friends. Suddenly, my husband walks in and shoots me.) Then seconds later, whatever grabbed my arm let go. I ran to my bed. I just lay there. That vision kept playing over and over in my head. Anxiety gripped me, I was going to die and I didn’t have time to make arrangements for my son. In my stupor, I kept hearing a little voice that repeatedly told me that this was for the good. Why would my death be "good"?

After a restless night and a mindless day at work, I decided to go see Wendy (spiritual reader). She told me not to worry. I was going to have a long life with a very different man. This bit of information depressed me. I didn’t want to get divorced.

About a month later, my friends asked me to attend a house party. It had been a while since I had been out and this was a HOUSE party so I agreed. My friend drove me to the party, but when it was over, plans changed. She decided to stop at a nightclub to see another friend. I panicked and told her about my vision. She laughed at me and told me she didn’t believe in hocus-pocus.

When we got there everything was fine, but about 30 minutes later my husband showed up really intoxicated. I wanted to leave, but he saw me and left instead. I relaxed. Ten minutes later, he walked back in and circled the bar staring at me. Now I really wanted to leave. The next thing I knew, the police came and escorted him out of the building. I didn’t know what was going on, but later an officer came in to tell me that the doorman saw a shotgun under his coat and called them. I was horrified that my vision came true and very thankful that I wasn't dead. However, my friend was stunned and wanted to rethink this "hocus-pocus vision thingy". My husband went to jail, did some counselling and quit drinking all together (sober since that day). It took six months for me to talk him again. For the sake of family, I decided to support him in his efforts to change himself.

After another year of family counselling, we reconciled. He is truly a different person from the man I originally married. It took two years to realize that the vision, voice and the spiritual reader were all correct. For the first time, I felt comfortable with my Mother’s followers and gift.

A couple of years later, things were back on track with my life and I had another son. The upstairs apartment was now too small, so Mom and I switched apartments (main floor has 3 bedrooms). One day, I had just picked up my kids from daycare and headed home. I pulled up to the house, the boys were getting out of the car and my oldest son said, "Look!! There’s Grandma!!!" I turned and looked up to picture window. The sun was shining is such a way that I couldn’t really see her face, but I noticed she was wearing her usual pink pants and a grey sweater. All three of us were waving at her. She waved back and then motioned for me to hurry up. I assumed she had something important or urgent to tell me. So, I went to my apartment and started coffee. I then opened the adjoining door and called for her to come down for coffee. She didn’t respond, but I heard her walking around. I started to straighten up and put my things away. Then I started to get a "Yuck" feeling (You know the feeling you get when something is very wrong and you can't do anything about it). About 10 minutes had passed and she still didn’t come down. So I went to the door again and yelled, "What did you die up there?? Where are you??" Just then, my mother walked through the front door, wearing her work uniform. I said, "Oh, were you off to work?" She said, "No, I’m just getting in, I worked all day". I almost threw up. I told her the story and that I thought something was going to happen to her because this ghost looked exactly like her. She just laughed and told me not to worry.

Two weeks later my mother had a heart attack. She recovered (thank God), but that was the end of her working days. Currently, my mother lives in a retirement community and I purchased my own home.

Since living in that house with my mother, I think mom’s little gift of seeing things and knowing things before they happened has rubbed off on me. I tried to be complete (stories with endings) and I’ll continue to inform you of more premonitions, if and when they come true.

Submitted by Christine, Manitoba, Canada