Goodbye Grandma

On Jan 06 2006 my dear Grandmother passed away from illness. She was 90 years old and had been close to me from when I was growing up for at least the last 30 years.
I'm now 38 years old.

We travelled to Taree, 4 hours north of Sydney, to be at her funeral where we stayed in a Motel the evening before.

On the morning of her funeral my wife told me she had seen Grandma the night before standing above our bed from the waist up. I wondered???

Her funeral was held in Taree, NSW, Jan 09 where I said my last goodbyes alone by her coffin/grave.

Our family returned home that evening and were still in sorrow and grief. At approx 9.40pm we heard a noise in the kitchen of dishes/knives rattling and a split second later a small kitchen knife mysteriously flew out of the sink (which we clearly heard but didn't see) and landed 6 feet away next to the fridge. My wife went and picked it up. I froze and said "Hi Grandma".
Within 30 seconds I had an incredible sensation of pins & needles and the honest feelings of something passing through my body and taking my breath away, freezing my body and giving me sweaty hands. I was sitting in the exact place where we spoke regularly on the telephone to her.
I jumped up and went outside to try and rid myself of this sensation. I was freaking out!! I went back inside after calming down a little, but still having a weird sensation; so I went to bed and it came back again, stronger, probably lasting 1 minute or so each time.
I began to panic and my wife tried to relax me to no avail. I eventually calmed down but was still in shock and unable to sleep.

Now 4 days later I am in fear of the night and have prayed it won't return.

We are definitely going to a higher place upon death without a doubt...Any comments or reason would be great...

Submitted by Mark, NSW, Australia