January 2006

The Dummy Ghost

The Alamo Sentry

I Saw My Daddy Last Night!

Dancing With The Devil

Our Attic

Shaking Bed

My Grandmothers House

Feel It To Believe It

Mall of The Dead

Forest Spirits

Spirit Hitchhiker On The Information Highway

Station Ghost

My Creepy New House

Seen Light

The Frankston Haunting

New Year

Furniture, Portals Fore The Dead

Headless Ghost, The Blue Light

My Three Experiences

The Queen Mary Ship

She's Still With Us

The Fort Kent Wendigo

In Memory of Alyssa


Quit Poking

My Twin Never Left

Cat's Gone

The Nasty Ghost

Old Sudbury Road

The Locked Room


Night Shift

Haunting My Life

New Guinea Experience

They Follow Me

Stories From My Own Personal Experience