October 2006

A Very Uncomfortable Feeling

Black Figure Down the Hall

My Dad

Ouija Board, Mega Block Truck & Furry Creature

The Farmer In The House

House on 19th Street

Car Chase

St. Luke's

Paw Paw

The Doll

The Little Italian Restaurant

The Candle of Four

The Figure in the Bedroom

Hickam AFB - Apollo Avenue

White Noise

Don't Move

Ghosts In My Apartment

The Haunting of Matthew Rayne

Haunted Schoolhouse

My Ghost, My Guardian

London Underground

Weirdness in Illinois

Grandpa Jake

The Springhouse

Grandma's Back

Trouble Travel

The Uggy Man

Shadow People

Haunted Shelter

My Dad's House

The Presence of My Brother

Cats Away

The Uninvited Party Guest

Lonely Old Woman

Shadow Lover