My Ghost, My Guardian

At eight years old I found myself the only sibling left in a big old two story house. There was at least ten years between myself and my brothers and sisters. My father insisted I sleep upstairs in one of the four bedrooms. I always hated sleeping upstairs alone. My mother would assure me practically every night that the creaks and moans were from the house settling because it was so old. I always felt like I was being watched and, like most children, would keep my closet door shut.
Apparently that was not enough.

My room was at the top of the steps. My closet next to the only door out of my room. I would lay down and every night I would wake up from a dead sleep to find something lying next to me. At first I thought it was our dog. Then when I went to pat the covers they would go flat and what form had been there was gone.

As I got older I got used to it. I learnt to ignore it.

When I was about fifteen years old my cousin Kate, who was the same age, came to spend the night. She kept looking around my room as we were getting ready for bed. When I asked what was wrong she mentioned something about feeling like she was being watched. I opened my closet to get my clothes out for the next day when I saw a box in my closet that had never been there before. We opened the dust covered box and found a Ouija board in it. Of course we were just kids and had to open it.

We sat next to the bed and dimmed the lights in the room. I was the first to ask a question "Are we being watched?" Before Kate or I could touch the board it moved to the answer "yes". We both jumped and at the same time my closet door decided to open on it's own with a long creaking sound. I felt like I was in a scary movie. I was frozen with fear. Then we both giggled when my cat popped out of the closet. Again back to the board we went.

She asked the next question. "Who is watching us?" We waited and suddenly under our hands it spelled out C J. I thought my cousin moved it. She thought I moved it. I said "This is just a game isn't it!?" Again the board moved on it's own to NO. Kate bolted out of the room running down the steps as fast as she could go. I felt glued to the spot I was sitting on. I wasn't afraid. I knew I should be. Then I felt completely warm and safe all over. It was so strange. My cousin yelled at me from the bottom of the steps to come down stairs. I slowly got up and walked out of the room. I have never been afraid of the ghost C.J. or my closet since. I also put the board back in the dusty box and never touched it again.

To this day I still feel I am being watched and will wake in the middle of the night with the feel of someone lying next to me. My cousin won't come back to visit and thinks I somehow made it all happen. Strange things still happen in the room but somehow I am not afraid. Am I crazy? Maybe I have a guardian?

Submitted by USA